METAL SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION is modular and consisits of welded galvanized steel elements. When bolted together, they form double botom frame. Diamenter of metal construction is 6 m, hight of double bottom is 0,4 m. Surface is then 24,9 m2. All arround we have double gutter. Upper one can be used to plant plants and the lower one can be used to collect rain watter.


    WOODEN CONSTRUCTION consists of 90 modular elements which are deltiod shape. The whole structure is made only by two different deltoids – modules. They are made of moisture resistant plywood. Modules can be transparent or full/non transparent (insulated). Choice of number of each module is left to customer wishes. If users don’t need so much windows because of strong sun… they can be easily replaced even after the installation-because of modularity..

    Modules make dodecahedron structure. That’s extremely strong structure resistant to different weather conditions. Why dodecahedron ? The dodecahedrons (vs icosahedrons) can be connected together without additional elements. So in that way we solve the space needs of users..if 25 sqm is not enough the user can add the other smartdome or third one.. Diameter of smartdome is 6 m, hight in the midle is 3,25 m. Surface is then 24,9 sqm. Volume of the dome unit is 60 m3. smartdome is  made according to EU standards and it is sustainable oriented product.

    • Transparent modules
    • Full non-transparent modules
    • Colour pallette of roof cover

    Transparent modules are made of 3D termoformed polycarbonate or PMMA. Termoformed polycarbonate (or PMMA) is made in thermopane technology, thickness 23 mm. Optional we can make 3 layers thermopane 32 mm thickness. That enhances insulativity. Both materials are UV resistant.

    Prazni element

    Full, non transparent modules are isolated with 50 mm air bridge + Space foil (option) + filled with insulative mineral wool 100 mm thick + decking which is made from resisted recycled ABS. In case of strong exposure to the sun, we suggest a roof covering made from concrete canvas. Such a covering prevents overheating of the inner space and, consequently, reduces the amount of energy required for air-conditioning.

    Insulation meets EU standard SIST EN 13162 and it is fire safe, A1 class insulation. It was certified from »Deutches Institut fur Gutesicherung und Kennzeichhnung« as non health hazardous material.From inside module can be closed with polycarbonate, acryl or wood covering.

    Polni element

    COLOUR PALETTE of outside coverage is very wide and can be chozen from RAL colour scale for both, transparent and non transparent elements.


    SUPPORT LEGS are made of galvanized steel and they are terrain adjustable. Hight can be adjusted from 1,2 m to 2,2 m from the ground.


    ENTRANCE module is also vertically adjustable.


    To ensure comfortable living we dedicated ourselves to energetic efficiency. The aim is comfortable living with a reasonable energy consumption. To reduce so-called transmission warmth losses it is highly important that outside surfaces are smaller as possible regarding the volume of the building. The relation between the surface and the volume is expressed by the factor of shape, which is the best when the building is compact and simple. The best factor is achived by the round shaped. To obtain energetic efficiency we paid special attention to insulation and recuperation. smartdome sustainable mobile house is following energy efficiency building regulations:

    – living area is 25 m2 (35m2 per person),

    – an energy number is below 15 kWh /m2 a,

    – ventilation with a high degree of waste heat recovery – recuperator,

    – thermal passage  U <0.10 W / m2K,

    – it’s design without  heat bridges,

    – windows with thermal transmission U <0.80 W / m2K and g> 50%,

    – mandatory external blinds,

    – airtightness measured  n50P ≤ 0.6 h-1,

    • Tab

    Recuperation-the quality of air is one of the most important factors when speaking of wellbeing in your living or working permises. There must be enough of oxygen and right humidity level. We can ensure quality air by suficient air exchange. For healthy and comfortable living conditions 70 % of air should be changed in an hour, which means we should open the windows or doors for the flow of fresh air for some time every hour. Being away from home makes this impossible, but when we are at home regular airing is pretty unpleasant, especially in winter time. Besides, long airing is a waste of energy. That is the reason why we recommend installation of a recuperator.

    Insulation – Non transparent modules are filled with isulation material – mineral wool which is 150 mm thick. Insulation meets European standards SIST EN 13162. Mineral woll is inflammable material type A1, according to European classification. According to RAL regulations (Deuches Institut for Gutesicherung und Kennzeichnung) it’s not harmful for health. All RAL products ensures security to consumers.


    All installations, such as watter, recuperation, electric works can be positioned in the double floor of the building in the supporting construction. There is easy access to installations from the bottom side thus enables a quick setting in and simple maintenance.

    We leave the choice of installations to the customer due to the various options offered by the market. Above all, in order to facilitate maintenance, this option we leave it to the customer due to local suppliers which can immediately settle technical problems.


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